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PEP Automotive Business School - Online Training Courses and Resources for the Automotive Industry

PEP Automotive are experts in the retail automotive field with an international team, all possessing hands-on automotive dealership experience and knowledge.

We have trained manufacturer and dealer staff all over the world for more than 20 years and developed hundreds of individuals to perform better, to reach their potential and, importantly, to enjoy greater personal satisfaction. 

We know the automotive business inside out, and we also know we can improve your skills, knowledge and earnings potential

We will coach you, support you and make you a sought-after industry professional. And the best thing is, you can get access to all this whenever you want, whenever need the help.

Overview of Courses Available

Category: Sales

The Sales Process

If you are going to succeed in Sales you have to have a plan and some structure based on proven knowledge. This course will take you through the basic steps of The Sales Process.

If you are new to sales, it will provide you with a vital understanding of the principles of selling.

If you are more experienced, use it as a reminder of the basics that support your success.

We will take you through the customer Welcome and Greeting and on to the vital area of customer Qualification. Then we will look at product Presentation followed by the dynamic presentation, better known as the Test Drive.

Having got the customer excited about the product, we will focus on clarification, before we move on to Negotiation. With the deal agreed, all that is left is to Close the business effectively.

We don’t leave it there, as we should always remember the important area of Handover, and the Post-Handover relationship.

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge for Sales Success.

Trade in Vehicle Appraisal

So, how much is my car worth then?’ a question every sales person hears all too often from prospective customers.

Trade in appraisal and Valuation are indeed skills that need to be learned carefully.

We know that Appraisal is often an area where we lose customers, often just because it is badly handled, not because the Trade in Valuation is perceived to be too low.

So this is a big opportunity to get in front of your competitors and really master this section of the sales process. Take some time to build your own style around the key principles you will learn here.

In this programme we will take a detailed look at the whole ‘Trade in’ process and share with you the knowledge that will help you improve.

The course covers:

  • The Purpose & Function of a Trade-In Appraisal
  • Understanding What the Customer Expects
  • How to Carry Out a Thorough & Accurate Appraisal
  • Establishing Market Value
  • Presenting an Offer


Category: Aftersales

Effective Service Advisor

Being ‘front of house’ is a tough job! Handling Service Customers is a demanding role that needs a clear path to follow in order to become consistently successful.

The initial contact with a customer sets the tone for the whole transaction. This contact may be web based or more likely a Telephone Enquiry.

Customer Qualification and having a clear agreement with the customer is vital, and avoids conflict later in the process.

Also, creating a successful and well managed Booking Procedure isn’t easy.

Handling parking on arrival and the Customer Reception is also a challenge to master.

Confirmation of Work and a Visual Inspection sets up the opportunity to ‘Up-Sell’ on both Parts and Labour, so Communication skills are important here.

Once the work is finished we do need to be able to Sell the Value of the completed work, and reassure the customer that all the work has been completed to a high standard.

Take time here to learn how take control of all areas of the service visit and give the customer a truly excellent experience.

Parts Selling Skills

Parts Selling? Yes, that’s right. Providing what the customer asks for is one thing. Truly ‘selling’ is a different skill.

This course will walk you through the Parts Sales Process and show you how it impacts on customer satisfaction.

You will learn how to improve sales performance, Revenue and Profit.

Too often Parts people just respond to what they are asked for. Here we will develop the skill to Manage Enquiries. We will look at Meeting the Customer, and Discovering Customer Needs.

We don’t tend to think of Aftersales as a place for Negotiation, but do remember that there will always be Price to consider and sometimes Delivery Times.

Closing the Sale remains an important area. Too often we provide information and don’t ask for the business.

Finally we shouldn’t forget that there are some sales that need a Follow Up. New customers, that big Bodyshop order and selected Retail Sales will all benefit from that added care, so finding time is important.

Parts ‘Up Selling’ Skills

New customers are hard to find, so optimising the value of every enquiry is crucial in a challenging market.

Extending every Sales opportunity is vital to make the most Revenue and Profit. Knowing what to offer and how to do it successfully is a true skill. This course will walk you through the Up Selling Parts Sales Process and show you how to improve the, ‘all important’, Up Sell of Parts that increases invoice values.

We will define the process and look at the impact of ‘Up Selling’ which is also known as Related Selling. You will even learn some suggested sentences that will help you to ‘close business’.

We will discuss the positive points of ‘Up Selling’ when closing a sale and opening a relationship.


Category: General Management


Getting the best from people has many different approaches.

This course will discuss and describe ways to improve Individual’s Motivation, and also Team Motivation. We will look at techniques that help achieve the best performance in both areas.

We need to remember that Motivation is often different for all of us. For some Earning lots of Money is the main driver. For others Job Security might be key. Some people thrive on the possibilities of Promotion and more Responsibility.

Delegation and Empowerment

How to get the best from your team will always be an important management task.

This course will discuss and describe ways to improve the vital team management techniques of Delegation and Empowerment. Master these to help achieve the best Performance from your team.

Decision Making becomes much improved and allowing people to Accept Responsibility by thinking through their problems really works.

It’s always important to make people’s Authority Level’s clear, and as a manager, use Delegation and Empowerment gradually and patiently to be most effective.

Basic Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios

Most DP’s and GM’s are well used to working with Daily Operating Controls and Month End Accounts to help them to direct the business. However it the Balance Sheet is the true measurement of any business. Here we will look at the structure of the document, and the common ratios for comparative performance.

We will discuss Liabilities to be clear what they are.

The money that funds the business come from various places, such as Share Capital, Loan Capital, Loans and Bank Overdraft. If the business does well we might also have Revenue Reserves to draw from.

We also need to understand where the money is used, so we will look at Funds Employed. Fixed Assets include land and buildings as well as plant and machinery, but some other items can also be found here. We will check that out.

Current Assets will include Stock, Debt, Work In Progress and Cash. Again, we will look at these.

The programme explains the calculations that are needed to measure these areas of the Balance Sheet, but looking at it in a simple ‘non-accountant’ manner that works for all managers.