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About Mike - Automotive Industry Business Coach

Mike - Automotive Industry Expert

I’m Mike Henshaw and I’ve worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years including many years as a Dealer Operator, so I’ve experienced at first hand the daily retail sales and operational challenges.

In the last fifteen years working in training and consultancy I’ve delivered training in over 50 countries around the world - and been stuck in most of those airports at some time of another!

I’m not one of life’s eternal students; I much prefer real ‘hands on’ solutions that I know work when considering our daily challenges. I’m passionate about wanting to share with you my years of knowledge so that you can go on to become the ‘best you can be’ at your chosen task, whether it be in sales, aftersales or general management. Our online automotive training has everything you need.

I have lots to tell you, too much some might say! But I will support you and answer your questions carefully with information that will make a real difference to your performance.

When I’m not working, I love time with my family and my dog. I also try to play a little golf when I can. I still manage to keep a handicap of 4, for which I can thank the excellent coaching I had as a young guy. This has undoubtedly stayed with me and only supports my view that, if you are shown how to do something correctly and are inspired and motivated to do it, the skills and knowledge are embedded and benefit you for a lifetime.

Join us and let our Team of Automotive Experts share some great knowledge with you.

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