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Maximising every opportunity

Want to see real performance improvements? Meet challenging targets? Improve morale? Stop firefighting? With years of experience in working with the top names and marques in the motor industry we can help you build a better, more profitable future.

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Whatever job you do, there are always times when extra help and guidance would be really welcome. You know those questions that you feel you should know the answers to? Or the times when objective advice and direction would make you feel so much more positive about taking action? When fresh eyes might see things differently?

Online Automotive Training

When you want that help, you want it quickly. So just imagine if you could email a team of international automotive experts, with any question at all and get a personal reply within 12 hours, or login to a training platform to help guide you through the decision-making or planning process. Wouldn’t that be just great?

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Until now, that’s been a big ask. But with PEP Automotive Business School you can do just that.

Ask Mike and Ian - we’ll help you to get the best from yourself and your colleagues - and maximise every opportunity.

Our Online Automotive Training Platform

Take a look at our range of Automotive Business Coaching Programmes or why not take a look at our FREE Automotive Document Downloads to get you on your way!

Meet Mike Meet Mike

I’m Mike Henshaw and I’ve worked in the automotive world for over 30 years including many years as a Dealer Operator, so I’ve experienced at first hand the daily retail sales and operational challenges.

In the last fifteen years working in training and consultancy I’ve delivered training in over 50 countries around the world - and been stuck in most of those airports at some time or another! I’m not one of life’s eternal students; I much prefer real ‘hands on’ solutions that I know work when considering our daily challenges. I’m passionate about wanting to share with you my years of knowledge so that you can go on to become the ‘best you can be’ at your chosen task.

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Say 'hello' to Ian Say hello to Ian

My life in the Motor Trade started in 1982, selling used cars from a non-franchised site. Exciting times for a youngster who loved all things automotive!

From this starting point, my career developed to include working with Vauxhall (Opel), BMW and even Aprilia Motorcycles - all valuable and varied experience which brought me into contact with a wide range of people and business practices.

Having achieved senior management level worked in these positions for many years, I then opted to join PEP as a Management Consultant and have spent the last 13 years working with motor manufacturers and their dealer networks – primarily focussed on improving operational performance and introducing processes that generate more sales and profit.

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Our Team The A Team

Mike and Ian are the guys we hope you are going to get to know well. With many years of combined experience in the automotive industry, much of it working on your side on the fence, they understand the challenges you face through first-hand experience and will deliver clear and usable opinion, direction and support whenever you need it.

Behind them is a team of industry professionals with equally broad-ranging experience in your sector to add to the mix - resulting in the most comprehensive and user-friendly training and development solutions available.

Between us, we have all the experience you will ever need to help you through the challenges of dealership life.

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